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Welcome to Medicine Mates! It is worth to remind you that the access to the content of this website will depend on your full agreement with the terms and conditions of use set forth herein and that by using Medicine Mates, you agree to all these terms and the Privacy Policy and Intellectual Rights of Medicine Mates.

By creating and using a profile in Medicine Mates, you declare not to use the site so that you may violate any provision of the Code of Medical Ethics and Advertising Manual of Medical Affairs, nor any third party right.

What is the Medicine Mates

Medicine Mates is an online platform that is intended to bring together professionals from different medicine fields who wish to share knowledge, and discuss scientific articles and case studies with the other members of the group ("Platform").

The Platform allows the registered user to build within his/her profile, a public page, accessible to any Internet user, with data and information about his professional life, facilitating their location by colleagues and potential patients. Furthermore, the platform allows, in pages with restricted access to registered participants, dissemination and search for scientific articles of his/her interest.

Medicine Mates approximates students, professionals and institutions in the medical field and is not responsible for articles, information or comments published by its users. The use of Medicine Mates doesn´t generates association or partnership between users and Medicine Mates, nor represents commercial transaction or sale of products or services.

Medicine Mates is responsible for the proper functioning of its website. However, it does not guarantee that the information published, including the available scientific articles, are original and with applicable content, exempting itself from liability in respect with which users hereby expressly agree, that should resolve any disagreements about the content published directly with each other.

How to join Medicine Mates

You can access Medicine Mates upon receipt of an invitation or by requesting an invitation accompanied by the creation of an ID and password, providing information such as name, address, e-mail address and professional identification number and medical specialty, if doctor, or educational institution, if medical student.

The user is the only responsible for the security of his/her username and password. It is through these data that the user can access and change his/her personal information and other data from his/her registration.

If there is any suspected misuse or unauthorized use of his/her account, the user must immediately notify Medicine Mates by Contact Us.

Medicine Mates is obliged to use the registered information provided by the user exclusively in the manner and within the limits indicated in the Privacy Policy.

Who can register on the site as user

Any doctor or medical student over 18 years can register at Medicine Mates. The user can only create and use his/her profile if he/she is a doctor legally qualified with an active medical registry number (or organ responsible for the regulation of medical professionals in their home country) or be enrolled in a medical education institute recognized by MEC (or the organ responsible for the regulation of medical education institutions in each country), and must inform his/her registration number and the name of the educational institution.

The user agrees:

  • 1. To provide true, accurate, current and complete information when he/she makes his/her registration for the access to the site;
  • 2. To preserve and update his/her information in order to keep it true, accurate, current and complete;
  • 3. To be liable for any false, inaccurate, or incomplete information provided. If Medicine Mates has reasonable grounds to suspect the truthfulness, accuracy and or wrongfulness of such information, it shall have the right to suspend or terminate immediately and regardless of notification, the user account.
  • 4. Not to perform any kind of advertising or commercial action;
  • 5. Not to publish offensive or illegal content.

It's forbidden to the user to give, sale, rent or any other form of transfer of his/her registration. Also, it is not allowed the maintenance of more than one registration per person, nor the creation of new registries by persons whose original registration have been canceled because of violations of the Terms of Use.

About the published content

Users can publish in Medicine Mates pages with restricted access, professional content exclusively of the medical area, aiming the exchange of information and development of medicine.

Published content should not, under any circumstances, be considered as medical advice or guidance.

Publication will not generate any financial compensation by Medicine Mates to the user who created the content.

The user undertakes not to publish illegal content or authorship of others, respecting Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

Medicine Mates reserves the right, at its sole discretion and once notified of any illegal activity, to cancel postings of informations or articles and to terminate user accounts and remove any content that violates the rights of others, secured by Brazilian legislation and international treaties.

Medicine Mates' Rights

Medicine Mates assumes no responsibility for the content generated by its users, nor does it has any obligation to monitor such content.

Medicine Mates reserves the right to remove and refuse to convey any user content and even to access, read, preserve, and disclose any information necessary to comply with this contract, obey laws or attend to court orders.

Fees and payments

Browsing through the public pages of Medicine Mates is free and the use of contacts information of medical professionals is free to all Internet users.

Creating a professional profile, student or institution is also free.

The events promotions by the institutions depend on the completion of the registration in Medicine Mates and eventually the payment of the amounts indicated in the Table of Fees. All payments will be collected using the online payment service Money Over IP (MoIP) - www.moip.com.br through credit card, bank transfer or, according to the option of the institution.

Responsibilities and guarantees

The user assumes all the burdens and responsibilities arising from its acts in Medicine Mates, and acts practiced by third parties on his/her behalf, through the use of his/her login and password.

The user is the only responsible for the information he/she provides or posts on the website, including the content of his/her questions, answers, profile, and to the obligations that he/she assumes with other users. In case of any conflict between users, including those eventually brought to the attention of the judiciary, both parties disclaim any liability from the platform.

Medicine Mates is responsible for the proper operation of the platform. However, due to operational issues, outsourcing services, the platform is subject to occasional interuption problems, technical failure and temporary unavailability of operation.

If there is an infringement of these Terms of Use, Medicine Mates will cancel immediately, the user's registration. We recall that the misrepresentation of personal data such as age and occupation is a crime punishable by Brazilian legislation (art. 299 of the Brazilian Penal Code).


Medicine Mates reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time, by prior information on the site´s homepage. Earlier versions of this term will be kept as historical on the site.

Applicable law

These terms of service were created on June, 30th 2013 and is governed exclusively by the Brazilian laws and international treaties, any legal action derived from its interpretation or application shall be judged by the Brazilian judiciary.

In case of conflicting state or local laws, to the interpretation of any doubt or dispute, shall always prevail the law of the State of São Paulo. The venue chosen for the resolution of conflicts is the city of São Paulo, to the exclusion of any other, for more privileged that it can be.

These Terms of Use presents the "General Conditions" apply to your use of the Medicine Mates.