• Privacy Policy

Medicine Mates is a differentiated platform that aims to facilitate and strengthen the relationship between medical professionals, medical students and medical institutions. Medicine Mates enables the user to share knowledge with other participants of the platform.

So users can take advantage of Medicine Mates it is necessary to register a profile on the site by filling out a form available there.

Medicine Mates can send, collect, receive and store automatically information on their servers about activities coming from the user's browser, including IP addresses, cookies or other identifiers strings.

This procedure is inherent to the websites navigation, otherwise you would not get in your web browser, the requested content from the Medicine Mates´ server.

Medicine Mates can also identify the location of the user through various technologies.

The completion of the application form and acceptance of these navigation features are not prerequisites to the access to Medicine Mates site's homepage.

However, the creation of a Profile in Medicine Mates and the participation in restricted areas of the platform will not be possible without these requirements.

Medicine Mates strives for the protection and privacy of data that allow identification of users and protects such information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Because it is a platform for information sharing, Medicine Mates, at first, treats demonstrations and interactions of its members as information that can be freely viewed by all users of Medicine Mates.

As some users may want their manifestations to be viewed only by certain people, we provide privacy control tools that allow the user to restrict access to a particular interaction, indicating, for example, which users can view a particular interaction.

Registered users agree that they can receive informative messages, among other issues, about courses, lectures and seminars promoted in Medicine Mates by medical institutions.

When navigating in the Medicine Mates´ site, users declare to accept this Privacy Policy.

1) Personal data protection

The personal information requested on the form available to users on the site are the minimum necessary and are stored in our database in a secure environment. Medicine Mates may store and process personal information on a server located outside of Brazil.

Medicine Mates team is aware of this Policy and only qualified and authorized people are allowed to gain access to personal data collected.

The provision of personal data of users will only occur:

  • • by requisition by themselves,
  • • by the sole discretion of Medicine Mates, in case of violation of terms of use or rights of third parties, or
  • • by court order.

The users' personal data will be used only for the purposes for which it was collected.

Medicine Mates uses the personal data of users for the following purposes:

  • • to promote the encounter between professionals of the same medical specialization area;
  • • to improve the interactivity of users when browsing the site;
  • • to inform users if there is any event that might interest them near the place where they are;
  • • to answer your questions and requests;
  • • to communicate with you in order to give information about Medicine Mates and its functionality;
  • • to elaborate general statistics, without identification of each user and to use this information to deliver ads that are targeted to certain user groups profile;

Medicine Mates will not share information about their users without:

  • • receiving authorization from the user;
  • • having changed this policy and notified the user of this change;
  • • having deleted from the shared information data that allows the user identification.

Every user has control over the information registered in his/her profile and can access them and change them by using his/her login and password. The login and password are individual and supposedly known only by the user who must ensure the confidentiality of such data.

The user can suspend the use of his/her account or requires a definitive exclusion of his/her account. In case of suspension, the user profile will no longer be displayed, but the information will remain on the servers of Medicine Mates and may again be displayed if the user requests the reactivation of the account in the future. In case of exclusion, all information related to the user account will be deleted permanently from the Medicine Mates´ server. This procedure can take up to 30 days to occur. If you want to request a suspension or exclusion of your account, please contact us by Contact Us.

2) Communication

Medicine Mates can communicate with its users via email, SMS and other means of viable communication that exists or will exist in the future to pass on information or offer promotions about Medicine Mates.

3) Security

Medicine Mates makes every effort to protect your information, using the best technological means of the Internet, and is not liable for damages from the access and/or usage by third parties, either intentionally or negligently.

4) Changes to this Privacy Policy

Medicine Mates reserves the right at any time to change this Privacy Policy by updating its content to the needs of technological improvements or increases of the platform functionalities.

When there is a change in the Privacy Policy Medicine Mates will notify its users by email or will publish on the highlighted area on the site.

For questions and more information about this Privacy Policy please contact us by Contact Us.