• Copyright and Intellectual Property

Medicine Mates is the owner of the intellectual property rights related to its own service, which are protected by Brazilian law and international treaties. The rights of Medicine Mates do not include any intellectual property rights related to the content created by its users and displayed in Medicine Mates.

The use of Medicine Mates does not give users any intellectual property rights on the services or the software and applications developed for the provision of services. The user of Medicine Mates may not copy, modify, create derivative works, make reverse engineering, or use any other method to identify the software source code developed by Medicine Mates.

The use of Medicine Mates does not entitle users to use contents displayed in Medicine Mates outside the platform, unless permission is obtained from the owner of such content or perform it for some means permitted by law. These terms do not grant the user the right to use any trademarks or logos used in Medicine Mates.

The user of Medicine Mates declares itself holder of the intellectual property rights on all content and information he/she posts on Mates Medicine or states that such content is licensed for use in Medicine Mates or public domain.

The user further acknowledge that the content displayed in Medicine mattes can be used worldwide inside the platform Medicine Mates by other users of Medicine Mattes without payment of any royalty. Medicine Mates is even allowed to display ads on the same pages where the content posted by users are being displayed, without generating users right to compensation from the marketing of advertising spaces.

This permission ends if the user deletes his/her content or applies for permanent exclusion of his/her account, unless the content has been shared with other users of Medicine Mates and is still available. Medicine Mates undertakes not to use this content outside Medicine Mates platform, except as promotional material of the site or collective publications (scientific articles from various users). Medicine Mates, however, is not responsible for the misuse that other Medicine Mates users made from its content.

Medicine Mates respects the intellectual property rights of all and strives to help each one to protect their rights. If Medicine Mates is notified of the fact of infringement of intellectual property, may, but is not obliged, to remove the infringing content.

Medicine Mates also reserves the right to cancel accounts of users who infringe intellectual property rights of third parties or violate other rights of third parties guaranteed by Brazilian law and by international treaties.

To inform us about a violation of intellectual property rights, please contact us at Contact Us.